With a wide range of seeds available in our portfolio, our agronomists are ready to help you make the best decisions for your farm. They’re experts in the latest seed genetics, so you’ll be sure you’re putting the best seeds into the ground across all of your acres.

Our portfolio includes

  • Croplan
  • Asgrow/Dekalb-Monsanto
  • NK-Syngenta
  • AgriPro-Syngenta
  • Forage First
  • Small grain seeds

Our advanced seed handling equipment provides faster loading times for bulk seed purchases, while ensuring gentle handling to maintain seed quality.

Maximize Your Seed Investment

Thanks to the R7 Placement Strategy from Winfield Solutions, our agronomists are here to help you get the most from every seed you sow. Making the most from your seed requires:

  • The Right Genetics
  • The Right Soil Type
  • The Right Planting Population
  • The Right Cropping System
  • The Right Traits
  • The Right Plant Nutrition
  • The Right Crop Protection

Specialized Research

PGAg is constantly conducting research on new products that we think could be a fit for our customers. We test in all situations so you know what will or won’t work on your farm. We have test plots where we offer growers the chance to see head-to-head trials against the competition.