Custom Application

Our custom application options give you the freedom to maximize productivity and profitability without investing in your own application equipment. By utilizing the latest technology, like variable-rate-application and GPS, we ensure your fields are receiving incredibly accurate application of pesticides, in the amounts and locations where they are needed most

Custom Application Services

  • Anhydrous Trailer – Rental
  • Crop Scouting – Per acre by seasonal contract
  • Deep Banding
  • Dry Spreader Rental (Pull-type)
  • ProfitZ Nutrients (VRT)
  • Spreading with Granular – Twin bin, single product and VRT available
  • Spraying
  • Strip Tilling

Precision Ag Equipment

Case IH Nutri-Placer 950 strip till machine

  • Reduce costs by combining fertilizer placement with one-pass fall or spring tillage.
  • Superb fertilizer placement – fertilizer is incorporated within the precise growing zone.
  • Compatible with variable rate precision fertilizer programs and liquid, dry or anhydrous systems.
  • Equipped with GPS implement steering guidance.

John Deere 2410 Chisel Plows 50′ (3)

  • Section Control Technology (SCT) – maximize savings on fertilizer
  • 430-bushel, 3-compartment 1910 commodity carts
  • Precise placement of NH3 and 3 separate dry products simultaneously
  • VRT N-Serve Injection

Case IH 4-wheel Titan™ 40 Series Floaters (4)

  • Raven controllers
  • 70′ booms

John Deere R4045 Sprayers (4)

  • Equipped with direct injection and 120′ booms
  • Y-drop systems from 60′, 66′, and 80′ with capabilities of 20″, 22″ or 30″ row spacing

John Deere DN345 Drawn Spinner Boxes (2)

  • 12 ton fertilizer capacity
  • 90′ spreader width