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PGAg Terminal Scale MaintenanceJul 17
Due to scale maintenance, PGAg Enderlin will not be dumping at the terminal until 9:00 am on Thursday July 19th.
Enderlin Agronomy HoursJul 13
Enderlin Agronomy Center hours Monday -Friday  7:00am-5:30pm
Reducing heat-related production challenges in your cattleJul 3
Taking a dip in the lake, spending more time outdoors with loved ones or enjoying an ice-cold beverage are all part of the joys of summer. But, what may be fun for us may not be so pleasant for our li…
Rymin RyeJun 1
PGA has Rymin Rye Seed available for summer & fall planting of cover crop or grain.
Proper CRYSTALYX® management yields increased benefitsMay 8
I have recently spoken with several ranchers who have had questions on the limitations of CRYSTALYX®. Naturally, everything has its limits, whether it be your best friend, a faithful dog, a good cow o…
Wheat   Cert Valda                $  11.50/bu   Cert Ingmar              $  11.50/bu   Cert Westbred 9653   $  12.25/bu     Barley   Cert Tradition           $  8.75/bu     Oats   Com…
Section 199A ProvisionMar 26
The passing of the Omnibus fiscal year 2018 appropriations bill corrected the unintended consequences of Section 199A of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.  We are back to where we were prior to the n…
Current Price Later Programs: Effective 03/01/2018Mar 1
BARLEY & OATS  *CASH ONLY   WHEAT *FREE Price Later through July 20, 2018 *Price later bushels must be priced on/before July 20th, 2018 *PL bushels delivered in January & February wil…
Monsanto Launches RRXtend Spray AppFeb 27
Today Monsanto announced the launch of a free mobile app to help growers and applicators successfully apply XtendiMax® Herbicide with VaporGrip® Technology.  The RRXtend Spray App is a grower- and …
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