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Agronomy Memorial Weekend HoursMay 24
Agronomy CLOSED Saturday May 25th & Sunday May 26th   Open Monday May 27th 8:00 am - 3:00 pm unless raining.   Contact salesman for any agronomy needs.
Memorial Day HoursMay 22
PGAg's main office & grain receiving locations will be CLOSED Monday, May 27th in observance of Memorial Day.   Check with your agronomy location for their hours. Have a safe & Happy M…
Grain Program FeesApr 25
Hedge-to-Arrive Fees As of: 04/25/2019                     Corn                                   Soybean                                             Wheat                                          …
Beef breeding programs: Is CRYSTALYX a fit for you?Apr 23
Beef breeding programs, and all the components therein, can be a broad and complex subject. The definitions we use, as well as the names we assign to components of those breeding programs, can be con…
Crstalyx Block Blog- Goodbye winter, hello heat stress: Tips on keeping cattle comfortableApr 22
While some areas of the country are still getting over the long-suffered winter weather conditions, other parts of the U.S. have warmed up to typical mid-spring temperatures. As I write this from my h…
New Price Later ProgramsFeb 28
We have an updated Price Later program effective March 1st, 2019.  You can find it under the Grain tab & select 'Grain Policies & Programs'.
Current Terminal Dumping HoursDec 13
Monday - Friday ~       7:30 am to 5:00 pm Closed Weekends.
PGAg Enderlin Agronomy HoursNov 12
Monday - Saturday 7am-7pm. Sundays as needed.
Hubbard Feeds: Calf care: Daily walk-throughsJul 23
Calf care: Daily walk-throughs By Ellan Dufour, Dairy Research Nutritionist, Hubbard Feeds- When performing daily walk-throughs with your calves there are four things to c…
Spring 2019 PricesApr 4
Wheat      Cert Valda        $ 11.00/bu      Cert Ingmar     $ 11.00/bu      Westbred 9590 (Limited)  $ 13.50/bu   Oats      Morton Oats   $  6.50/bu   Prices must be paid for to secure cur…
HUBBARD FEEDS: Don’t overlook the importance of colostrum this calving seasonMar 8
BEEF SOLUTIONS Don’t overlook the importance of colostrum this calving season By Garrett Preedy, M.S., Beef Nutritionist, Hubbard FeedsCalving time either has arrived or is approaching for many…
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Enderlin - Main Office
109 3rd Ave
Enderlin, ND  58027



Enderlin - Agronomy
5415 136th Ave SE
Enderlin, ND  58027


 PGAg Lisbon

1225 Main St
Lisbon, ND  58054

 PGAg Sheldon

119 Fowler St
Sheldon, ND  58068

 PGAg Marion Ag Center

Marion - Agronomy
10238 Hwy 46
Marion, ND  58466

Marion -Main Office
107 5th Ave
Marion, ND  58466

PGAg Mott Location

9101 71st St SW
Mott, ND 58646