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Unificaiton Meeting ReminderApr 16
Special Voting Unification Meetings Thursday, April 18th   Marion Community Center @ 10:00 am Enderlin VFW @ 1:00 pm Sheldon Community Center @ 3:00 pm
Easter Weekend HolidayApr 15
All PGAg Locations will be CLOSED Friday April 19th - Sunday April 21st Have a Safe & Happy Easter Holiday weekend!!!
Crstalyx Block Blog-Maximizing bull fertility and performanceApr 10
Purchasing bulls is a large initial investment for an operation — but, unfortunately, these animals do not often receive the attention they deserve, especially outside of breeding season. Much…
New Price Later ProgramsFeb 28
We have an updated Price Later program effective March 1st, 2019.  You can find it under the Grain tab & select 'Grain Policies & Programs'.
Current Terminal Dumping HoursDec 13
Monday - Friday ~       7:30 am to 5:00 pm Closed Weekends.
PGAg Agronomy WInter HoursNov 12
Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm
Grain Program FeesAug 20
Hedge-to-Arrive Fees As of: 08/20/2018                     Corn                                   Soybean                                             Wheat           Dec ’18        No Fee         …
Hubbard Feeds: Calf care: Daily walk-throughsJul 23
Calf care: Daily walk-throughs By Ellan Dufour, Dairy Research Nutritionist, Hubbard Feeds- When performing daily walk-throughs with your calves there are four things to c…
Spring 2019 PricesApr 4
Wheat      Cert Valda        $ 11.00/bu      Cert Ingmar     $ 11.00/bu      Westbred 9590 (Limited)  $ 13.50/bu   Oats      Morton Oats   $  6.50/bu   Prices must be paid for to secure cur…
HUBBARD FEEDS: Don’t overlook the importance of colostrum this calving seasonMar 8
BEEF SOLUTIONS Don’t overlook the importance of colostrum this calving season By Garrett Preedy, M.S., Beef Nutritionist, Hubbard FeedsCalving time either has arrived or is approaching for many…
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Enderlin - Main Office
109 3rd Ave
Enderlin, ND  58027



Enderlin - Agronomy
5415 136th Ave SE
Enderlin, ND  58027


 PGAg Lisbon

1225 Main St
Lisbon, ND  58054

 PGAg Sheldon

119 Fowler St
Sheldon, ND  58068

 PGAg Marion Ag Center

Marion - Agronomy
10238 Hwy 46
Marion, ND  58466

Marion -Main Office
107 5th Ave
Marion, ND  58466

PGAg Mott Location

9101 71st St SW
Mott, ND 58646