Keep performance high when forage quality may be low.

August 29, 2021

It’s no secret that in the Western United States, the Plains and areas of the Midwest are dry. For cattle producers, it feels like a losing battle with these drought conditions not letting up and we are all hoping for some relief as we move in to fall. During periods of drought, or when grasses are naturally becoming more mature, you can use these management tools to help you get through.
Stretch your forage.
CRYSTALYX supplements can increase the digestibility (energy release) of a low-quality forage.
Previous research at Kansas State University has shown a 10% increase in digestibility of low quality (6% CP) forages. This will aid in maintaining, or improving, cow body condition.
CRYSTALYX as a grazing tool.
Lure cattle to underutilized areas of a pasture by placing barrels where cattle may not normally travel due to less desirable forages, rougher terrain or lack of water.
University research trials at Montana State have measured a 15% increase in forage utilization every 2 weeks within a 600-yard or 233-acre radius of a CRYSTALYX supplement.

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