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Starting December 10th: Terminal Dumping Hours

December 13, 2018

Monday - Friday ~       7:30 am to 5:00 pm

Closed Weekends.


Holiday Hours

December 13, 2018

All PGAg locations will be CLOSED:

December 22nd - 25th


December 29th - January 1st

Happy Holidays from everyone at PGAg!!!!

Grain Notice

December 12, 2018

If you currently have PRICED bushels in our elevator, please contact us by December 21st  to let us know if you would like a check in 2018  or if you would like them deferred into 2019.

Thank You.

Enderlin Office:  701-437-2400


Marion Office:    701-669-2253

CRYSTALYX® Hay waste: Get the most out of your harvested forage.

December 7, 2018

Hay waste: Get the most out of your harvested forage

Snowy weather across many parts of the country has reminded producers that winter is well on its way, which means winter hay feeding will begin shortly, if it hasn’t already.

Feed expenses are the greatest variable cost responsible for influencing producer profitability. On average, these costs account for 40–60 percent of annual cow cost, or the total budget for a cattle operation. When pasture conditions are less than adequate during the winter months, many producers provide their cow herd with large, round bales of hay as the forage source. Unfortunately, this past year included both unseasonably wet and/or dry conditions in various parts of the country, resulting in poor-quality forage and a reduction in the harvested forage yield. With the common trend of a decrease in overall hay production and an increase in hay prices, reducing hay loss during storage and feeding has a great economic impact for many operations.

Current Price Later Programs

November 26, 2018

We have an updated Price Later program effective November 26th.  You can find it under the Grain tab & select 'Grain Policies & Programs'.

Harvesting with Ice/Snow in loads

November 20, 2018

Be careful of ice/snow in the loads when harvesting corn or soybeans. Loads are subject to rejection if there is too much ice/snow.

PGAg Agronomy WInter Hours

November 12, 2018

Monday - Friday 7:30am-5:00pm

Safety Message

October 16, 2018

Many trucks dump at PGA locations daily.  If you open the gates or a PGA employee does, it is always easier & safer to open well maintained traps & gates.  Please maintain your equipment & help the unload process run smoothly.  Everyone appreciates your efforts.

Grain Quality Tip

September 7, 2018

Enhancing Soybean Storage Starts With Harvest Moisture

Harvest timing can have a huge impact on soybean shatter losses and storability. Field losses, splits, and cracked seed coats increase as moisture content decreases.

A moisture content of about 13% at harvest is optimal for mitigating mechanical damage.

Grain Program Fees

August 20, 2018

Hedge-to-Arrive Fees

As of: 08/20/2018


                  Corn                                   Soybean                                             Wheat

          Dec ’18        No Fee                     Nov ’18              No Fee                                  Sept ’18            No Fee

          Mar ’19        No Fee                     Jan ’19               No Fee                                  Dec ’18            No Fee

           May ’19       No Fee                     Mar ’19              No Fee                                  Mar ’19            No Fee

           July ’19        No Fee                    May ’19             No Fee                                  May ’19            No Fee

Dec ’19-Sept ‘20        0.05                    July ’19              No Fee                                 July ‘19              No Fee

Dec ’20 forward         0.08                Nov ’19-Aug ’20        0.08                               Sept ’19-July ’20       0.05

                                                      Nov ’20 forward           0.12                              Sept ’20 forward        0.08


***Fees deducted from hedge***