Grain Policies & Programs

Effective 07/23/18: PGAg Price Later Programs

Space for Price Later delivery may be limited at each PGAg location to insure that there is adequate space for contracted grain.






*30 days FREE Price Later

*Service charges of 5 cents/bu/month, Minimum 3 months, from 1st day on the assembly sheet

*Service charge pro-rated after 3 months

*Bushels must be priced or rolled to Basis Fixed on/before July 19th, 2019

*Protein scales set at time of pricing

*Old crop on PL as of July 20th, 2018 will roll into this program

               →NO FREE DAYS ALLOWED on old crop hauled prior to July 20th, 2018

               →Minimum 3 months starts July 23rd, 2018



* FREE Price Later through August 24, 2018

* Price later bushels must be priced on/before August 24th, 2018

*PL bushels delivered in January & February will roll into this



***Quantities may be limited to space available.***

***All programs are subject to change without notice!***