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Feed Products

Ingredients for healthy animals

Healthy animals mean more dollars in your pocket. As an exclusive Hubbard Feeds dealer, PGAg's nutrition team works with you to find the right feeding system and quality products for your animals.

Why choose PGAg?

  • Exclusive Hubbard Feeds dealer
  • Hammer mill, roller mill, 4-ton mixer
  • Quality Liquid Feed (Qlf) liquid molasses, bulk soybean meal, Crystalyx Brand Supplements, and all Hubbard Feeds supplements
  • Hubbard Feeds animal nutritionists are available to help producers establish a feed plan for their livestock
  • Creep Feed, creep feeders, and creep feed delivery available
  • Grain Bank to hold grain to be rolled, ground, or processed at a later date

Hubbard Feeds Tech-lines & Calculators calculator (Tips & Tools)





  • The Show-Rite® NewCo line

Pet food

Hubbard Feeds is pleased to offer a growing, full line of companion animal products. We used the very latest nutrition technology and research to produce a line of the highest quality feeds for animals from show-quality to pets. Click here to learn more