Seed Services

Diverse portfolio for right genetics

Our diverse portfolio of seed companies and our expert agronomists will help you make knowledgeable decisions to ensure the right genetics on the right fields. We offer:

Our expert agronomists are here to help maximize your return on your seed investment. To do this, we utilize the R7 Placement Strategy provided by Winfield Solutions.

A Grower's Maximum Return REQUIRES:

  • The Right Genetics for
  • The Right Soil Type at
  • The Right Plant Population in
  • The Right Cropping System with
  • The Right Traits fed
  • The Right Plant Nutrition defended with
  • The Right Crop Protection

Specialized research

PGAg goes to work for the grower to provide research on new products and test them in all situations to give you information for placing hybrids on your farm. Our test plots offer growers the chance to see head-to-head trials against top competition.

PGAg plot locations

  • Enderlin - Research Plot
  • Sheldon - Yield Trials
  • Lisbon - Yield Trials
  • Marion - Yield Trials
  • Leonard - Yield Trials
  • Fingal - Yield Trials

More reasons to use PGAg

We utilize the newest and most advanced seed handling equipment to provide you with fast loading times for bulk seed purchases. You can be confident that your seed is treated with the most accurate application and gentle handling to maintain seed quality.

We deliver seed to your farm or field. Find out more about our seed delivery services.

You get the most accurate application and seed treatments. Find out more about how to save time and money with our custom application services.