ProfitZ harnesses the full value of precision ag

What is ProfitZ/PGAg Precision Map?


A proven way for growers to manage their crops, ProftZ from PGAg uses advanced software to ensure application of fertilizer and seed where it does the most good. The state-of-the-art software uses images of your crop's vegetation or your own yield monitor data to define yield variability. With this information, your PGAg crop consultant builds management zones and collects soil samples from the zones. ProfitZ uses these fertilizer or seed application maps to allocate inputs to locations where they provide the most value. PGAg Precision Map is a software program which allows growers who are mapping with their combines to incorporate their own yield data as a layer in the map building process.  This allows us to customize maps based on imagery, yield maps, elevation, and FSA maps. This more advanced option gives us the ability to be more precise on yield goals throughout the field. 

Manage fertilizer and seed costs

ProfitZ/PGAg Precison Map variable rates save input costs without jeopardizing yield and quality. In 2007-2009, when combined with ProfitZ/PGAg Precison Map management zone soil sampling growers using these programs saved an average of $15 to $30 per acre on fertilizer costs. 

Improve yield and quality

Conventional fertilizer and seed application can over-apply and under-apply areas in fields that are not average - putting them at high risk for reductions in yield and quality.  ProfitZ or PGAg Precision Map ensures the appropriate input rates are applied to all areas of your fields so we can maximize productivity on good areas and not waste valuable high priced inputs on below average areas of a field. 

Take control: join the Precision Ag Revolution

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No "sit and wait"

Working with PGAg, growers can see and evaluate the map prior to application and change or approve the variable rate plan with no up-front fee. There is no "sit and wait" growers can see results almost immediately.

Sample maps:

In addition, PGAg has access to multiple soil sample vehicles through our partnership with Centrol, which has more than 125,000 acres of zone sampling experience.  

PGAg is your precision ag support team. We will assist growers in purchasing the right equipment and provide set-up and training. We will be in the tractor cab with you upon startup to help you get more comfortable with the equipment and we'll be there for any additional support you might need.   

Experts in the field

Our precision ag team has valuable knowledge of all types of equipment, including TopCon, CASE IH, Agco, John Deere, and Ag Leader. PGAg agronomists have over 6 years of industry leading experience working with variable rate applications.