Precision Agriculture

Technology that maximizes productivity and profitability

Be more accurate in your planting and fertilizer application by utilizing PGAg's precision ag technology services.

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Ensure your fertilizer applications are made only in amounts and locations where they are needed by using variable rate technology (VRT) and associated application systems. Basically, the logic behind VRT fertilizer application is to increase fertilizer inputs on areas of high productivity and decrease inputs to areas of low productivity.


All machines have the ability to apply NH3, 11-52-0, Potash, and AMS, all separately.

SoilWarrior® 5060 24-row, 30” Strip Till Machine

  • Reduce costs by combining fertilizer placement with one-pass fall or spring tillage.
  • Superb fertilizer placement – fertilizer is incorporated within the precise growing zone.
  • Compatible with variable rate precision fertilizer programs and liquid, dry or anhydrous systems.
  • Equipped with GPS implement steering guidance.

John Deere 2410 Chisel Plows 50' (3)

  • Section Control Technology (SCT) - maximize savings on fertilizer.
  • 430-bushel, 3-compartment 1910 commodity carts.
  • Precise placement of NH3 and 3 separate dry products simultaneously.
  • VRT N-Serve Injection. 

John Deere 1895 SFP Air Seeder

  • 430-bushel, 3-compartment 1910 air cart.
  • Custom wheat and soybean seeding.
  • Ability to place all dry fertilizer, wheat and NH3 in a single no-till pass on 7.5" spacing.
  • Mid-row band of NH3 and dry fertilizer using separate fertilizer placement openers.
  • Unique Equi-Flow™ high pressure anhydrous ammonia injection.
  • Section Control Technology (SCT) - maximize savings on seed and fertilizer.

Case IH 4-wheel Titan™ 40 Series Floaters (4)

  • Raven controllers.
  • 70' booms.

John Deere R4045 Sprayers (4)

  • Equipped with direct injection and 120' booms.
  • Y-drop systems from 60', 66', and 80' with capabilities of 20", 22" or 30" row spacing.

John Deere DN345 Drawn Spinner Boxes (2)

  • 12 ton fertilizer capacity.
  • 90' spreader width.

Three Advantages of VRT:

  • Agronomically: variable rate systems provide a means of targeted application of fertilizer based on detail soil tests and other related databases.
  • Economically: variable rate systems allow fertilizer dollars to be spent on areas within a field where they will provide a response, and not where a response is unlikely.
  • Environmentally: variable rate systems help prevent over-application of fertilizer where it could result in environmental problems.

PGAg uses ProfitZ technology because of its cost effectiveness and ability to engage growers in the map-building process. Learn more about how to manage your crops with the ProfitZ program or growers who are currently utilizing yield mapping can choose our more advanced software package PGAg Precision Map for creating more detailed prescription maps. Contact one of our agronomists to find out more information. 

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