Plants, products and pricing

PGAg has the products to supply your crops with the nutrients they need. Fertilizer plants in four locations (Marion, Enderlin, Sheldon, and Lisbon) offer fast blending and load-out. SFP products can be applied at the plant, giving you a more accurate coating of all the granules in our blender. Customers also have the choice to have N-Serve injected into their Anhydrous Ammonia using our custom application services.

Fertilizer application services include:

  • Dry spreading
  • Deep banding
  • Strip tilling
  • Dry fertilizer delivery
  • Anhydrous delivery

Take the stress out of planting

PGAg can help you get the most accurate fertilizer applications. We have the most advanced precision ag technology and equipment to help you get the job done in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Learn more about an amazing new way to manage your crops with the PGAg Precision Map ProgramĀ orĀ ProfitZ program.

Discover the advantages of using variable rate technology.