360 Equi-Flow NH3 System

Get Better Row-to-Row Accuracy

The 360 Equi-Flow™ NH3 Application System keeps NH3 as a liquid until it has been injected into the soil.  A Hypro centrifugal pump boosts ammonia pressure so that it is well below its boiling pressure.  After a flow sensor and control valve, anhydrous goes to one or more manifolds, each with an electrically operated valve for positive shutoff at the ends of rows.  The manifold directs flow through orifices to each injector. 

The two solenoid valves located on the top of the LiquimaticTM tower are tied to the On/Off valve. When these solenoid valves have voltage to them they work in conjunction with the float in the tower to control the release of vapor out of the tower.  This allows the system to supply pure liquid to the Hypro pump.

The most important difference in this system versus many others is the LiquimaticTM vapor separator which replaces the usual heat exchangers. This device, covered by U.S. Patent No. 7,096,802 removes the vapor formed from the nurse tank to the toolbar and provides a small head pressure to the inlet of a pump or flow meter. This keeps the NH3 below its boiling point. We retain ammonia in a completely liquid state until we have divided it among the injectors.

One of the most unique features of the 360 Equi-Flow™ is its perfect row-to row accuracy of anhydrous ammonia (NH3) through its manifold system. The CDS-John Blue Impellicone is a flow divider designed for anhydrous ammonia. It distributes NH3 to multiple rows across an applicator with the accuracy and flexibility you have come to expect from CDS-John Blue Products. Impellicone's name comes from the unique shaped needle, which spins and mixes the liquid and gas phases distributing them evenly to the number of outlets you need. The CDS-John Blue Impellicone can be used for all NH3 applications at normal rates, while also offering the flexibility to plug unused outlets without sacrificing accuracy. The Impellicone's superior accuracy allows better control of targeted rates greatly reducing the over-application of NH3. This will result in less nitrogen leaching, lower crop yield variability and ultimately lowering overall application costs.

The Impellicone concept was researched by Iowa State University and collaboratively developed with and licensed to CDS-John Blue Company. After extensive testing through Iowa State, field trials and a lengthy approval process, CDS-John Blue Company is proud to offer the patented technology in two models, the IP-1300 (13-port flow divider) and the IP-1800 (18-port flow divider).

With any aNH3 System you will have the option to choose the Warm Knife™ option.  This option is a patent by the aNH3 company.  On these systems the flow is divided equally among each injector by the Impellicone manifold system. At the injection point there is a vinyl tube which is placed into the knife or opener.  This tube prevents any frost or condensation build up on the opener or knife.  This allows for less trouble hair-pinning on no till drills and less horsepower requirements on knifed applicators.

Most modern controllers have the ability to operate the aNH3 System, John Deere Rate Controler, Ag Leader, and Trimble are among them. When choosing one of these advanced controllers you will have the option to add Ashcroft® pressure transducers to the unit. This will give you the ability to monitor the pressure of both the manifold and Hypro pump right from the comfort of your tractor cab.

Control costs by utilizing John Deere Swath Control Pro or Ag Leader/ Trimble Direct Command. Each aNH3 Equaply® System can be equipped with an optional KZ On/Off valve on each manifold to control overlap automatically or manually.

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